The Start of Something…

FINALLY! Here I am.

And now it starts: words/thoughts/ideas/musings and other “mind-slaw” is finally yours to view/read, and tilt your head to (like when a dog hears a strange whistling sound).

I have lots to share with you, but this is a dry run, to make sure I’m doing this correctly. Oh, sure, I could have practiced on my own time, but that wouldn’t be me.


Jump right in.

Learn to swim.

“Are those jellyfish?”

“Did I wait the full 30 minutes?”

So, I’m going to leave, double check that this is working, and then come back and touch fingers to letters. Some of it is going to be real cool, some will be insightful, and I may get down-right “deep” once in a while. BUT, I will keep things fun, and true to myself, “Lefty”…not quite right.