Private Events

This letter is to formally thank you for the excellent performance you gave at my sister-in-laws’s bachelorette party!  You came and worked the party on very short notice and had a bunch of great ideas to make the event memorable for everyone!  You were reasonably priced and extremely professional!

As for the performance, you dressed and posed as a waiter with a very believable costume and a great disguise complete with fake teeth and glasses!  Those who had no knowledge of your true identity thought you were the best waiter ever!  I was very impressed with your performance ad you had the whole party laughing and in awe the whole time!  When I finally introduced you as the night’s entertainment, everyone was so surprised that you were “playing” the waiter the whole time.

As for your comedy, you put on a really appropriate, tasteful, and hilarious show. Your jokes, magic, and wit were so entertaining and enjoyable.  I cannot stress enough how you turned a potentially dull and boring party into a fun and exciting event filled with surprises and laughter.

I have enclosed the pictures I took at the party, as you can see, eveyone was having a great time!  Please feel free to use this letter on your website. Thank you so much for making this an event to remember.

Much Thanks and Appreciation,

Jenny G.



    The comedy is clean and Friendly.  All of Sky’s performances are presented with that particular,  individual audience in mind.  It’s not a “cookie-cutter” performance.  That’s why so many people hire Sky again and again.
Sky’s shows are very audience participatory, and he would never use an  audience member on stage for a laugh at their expense.  Said one on-stage ‘helper”:
“That was so cool.  I wasn’t sure how I felt when he first asked me to come on stage, but I ended up having a blast.  It was amazing!”
Sky can work a night club audience, a corporate function, or a “family” style show, so the audience’s ages can range from 8 to 98, and everyone has a great time


     Sky can perform magic on stage, or mingle with guests at your party or function, and amaze them just inches away from where they stand, something Sky has been doing for well over 25 years.   Sky’s philosophy on performing/sharing magic is:
     “I’m not out to try to ‘fool’ people.  I want to amaze them and make them feel like the first time they ever saw something magical.”


Sky can teach you or your organization Origami!